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Guitar Player Magazine Spotlight column, October 1991, page 116

Featured in Guitar Player Magazine, October 1991, pg. 116
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Brief review (in Japanese) of “Electric Storm” on (Click the link and scroll down to the bottom) … …continue

Review on

Review of “Electric Storm” on Strutter’zine. SEAN MERCER ‘ELECTRIC STORM’ (INDEPENDENT) Guitarist SEAN MERCER comes out of the USA and his CD ‘Electric storm’ is a high-class instrumental AOR/Melodic Rock/Prog album that comes dangerously close to YNGWIE MALMSTEEN. 12 songs are included, and the musicianship is of a very high … …continue

Review on Strutter’zine

Review of “Electric Storm” on Millerecords Reviews by Roberto Guarnieri “The American guitarist Sean Mercer has had a very strange career. He was discovered years ago by the distinguished Mike Varney, and was then consigned to oblivion for over a decade. You’ll remember that the American producer decided to forget … …continue

Review on Millerecords Reviews by Roberto Guarnieri

Review of “Electric Storm”  by Wayne Klinger, Quintessence, April 2003 Sean Mercer (U.S.)- “Electric Storm” (2002 self) Sean is in that class of ever-growing popularity of doing everything yourself. You know, the engineering, writing, composing, producing, etc.. Sean is a precisional musician and despite greatly influenced by Malmsteen, he is … …continue

Review  by Wayne Klinger

Japanese review of Electric Storm (85% rating) on Neo-Classical HeavyMetal ML June 2003 … …continue

Japanese review on Neo-Classical HeavyMetal ML

Review of Electric Storm by Ilan Rosenfeld on Time to Live – The Rock and Metal Review site September 2003 Originally from Cape Town, Sean Mercer now resides in the U.S.A. where he, among other occupations, composes and plays some great guitar. “Electric Storm” is a collection of compositions by … …continue

Review by Ilan Rosenfeld

Sean Mercer’s “Electric Storm” CD mentioned in Greek Magazine Rock On … …continue

Mentioned in Greek Magazine Rock On

Review of Fret-Essential compilation CD by Rob Johnson: solo artist and guitarist for Magnitude Nine “If you’re into GREAT guitar playing: (Eg. Vai , Satriani , MacAlpine , Yngwie , etc ) you will really enjoy this instrumental guitar compilation. I really enjoyed hearing these great players; some I have … …continue

Review of Fret-Essential compilation CD by Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson’s (solo artist and guitarist for Magnitude Nine) comments about the “Electric Storm” CD Thanks VERY much for sending me your CD! I really like it ! It reminded me of VINNIE MOORE , MACALPINE , SATRIANI Great playing , well crafted songs , shredding & melody! Thanks so … …continue

Rob Johnson’s comments

Review of “Electric Storm” by Ronny Elst, Metal Coven, April 2003 Sean Mercer  “Electric Storm”  (90%) Category : New release Format : CD Playing time : 47:21 minutes Release : 2002 Label : Independent release Style : Melodic/progressive  instrumental rock Country : U.S.A. Songs: Elation ; The Festival ; Juicy … …continue

Review by Ronny Elst, Metal Coven, April 2003

Review of “Electric Storm” in the Italian magazine Metal Shock, March 2003 Rating was 7 out of 10 … …continue

Review in Metal Shock, March 2003

Review of “Electric Storm”  by Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar Magazine, February 2003 He’s been playing guitar since he was a kid back in his native South Africa and after hearing his solo album it’s obvious that it’s paid off for guitarist Sean Mercer. Mercer’s solo debut Electric Storm is … …continue

Review  by Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar Magazine

Read the review of “Electric Storm” CD on Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal (click the link and scroll down to the bottom), December 18, 2002 … …continue

Review on Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal

Nice tape – It’s good to hear someone use Yngwie as an influence for discipline rather than for arpeggios. Solid Playing Editor-In-Chief, Guitar for the Practicing Musician, personal correspondence circa 1991.

John Stix

“I really enjoyed your tape – you’re a very melodic player & you wait for the right moment to show your speed. Clean licks too! It reminded me a lot of earlier Vinnie Moore” Leviathan Recording Artist, personal correspondence circa 1991

Michael Harris