Review  by Wayne Klinger

Review of “Electric Storm”  by Wayne Klinger, Quintessence, April 2003

Sean Mercer (U.S.)- “Electric Storm” (2002 self)

Sean is in that class of ever-growing popularity of doing everything yourself. You know, the engineering, writing, composing, producing, etc.. Sean is a precisional musician and despite greatly influenced by Malmsteen, he is not a carbon copy of the famous Swede and even has his own unique sound…how unique? About as original as the sound you hear from one of Martone’s albums. The CD itself is 12 tracks and Sean is just amazing on guitar and not to forget his keyboard expertise; he may not be the next Jordan Rudess, but he gets the job done emphatically. The music reflects some Neo meets Blues meets Fusion and has been quoted by the likes of Shrapnel Records’ Mike Varney as “reminiscent at times of works by Tony MacAlpine”. Sean is just yet another player to sneak up onto the hugely growing scene of guitarists and deserves some press. You may also check him out on my upcoming CD compilation release, “Fret-essential”.