Review on Millerecords Reviews by Roberto Guarnieri

Review of “Electric Storm” on Millerecords Reviews by Roberto Guarnieri

“The American guitarist Sean Mercer has had a very strange career. He was discovered years ago by the distinguished Mike Varney, and was then consigned to oblivion for over a decade. You’ll remember that the American producer decided to forget about metal instrumental works for a period, in order to devote himself to blues guitarists. Mercer, however, didn’t give up, and has come out with “Electric Storm,” his first fully instrumental work, which will surely be well received by those who like Vinnie Moore and such neo-classical guitarists with a similar sound.

The CD’s sonorities are typical of the late ’80s sound, with truly melodic harmonization and a distinct technical mastery. My premonition is fully supported: Because Mercer doesn’t have that coldness typical of other guitarists in the genre, I’d venture that Varney was wrong not to produce so skilled a guitarist, at least in such a historical period as the last twenty years. 

(Rating: 4 stars out of  5)