Review by Ronny Elst, Metal Coven, April 2003

Review of “Electric Storm” by Ronny Elst, Metal Coven, April 2003

Sean Mercer  “Electric Storm”  (90%)
Category : New release
Format : CD
Playing time : 47:21 minutes
Release : 2002
Label : Independent release
Style : Melodic/progressive  instrumental rock
Country : U.S.A.

Songs: Elation ; The Festival ; Juicy Lucy ; Shades Of Blue ; Reflections ; Ilana ; Electric Storm ; Celtic Belt ; Last Time ; Holding Back ; Mushrooms Of Fire ; Opus 2

Sean (originally from Cape Town but now living in the U.S.A.) began playing acoustic guitar at age ten.Five years later he got his first (used) electric guitar.That time Sean’s inspirations were Jethro Tull, Clapton and Santana.He played in several bands but later he focussed on his real passion ; composing original instrumentals.Around that same time there was another turning point in Sean’s focus ; he heard Yngwie Malmsteen play and Sean would not be happy with a lesser standard.Sean’s first album “Electric Storm” is an excellent instrumental rock release.His songs are influenced by melodic, progressive and neo-classical rock styles.

Sean doesn’t want to play faster as the speed of light, but he’s concentrating on playing very nice melodic themes and melodies.I would describe “Electric Storm” as a mixture of Vinnie Moore’s recent albums and Michael Schenker’s solo albums.I appreciate Sean a lot as musician and composer ; one of the best “unknown” guitarists that I heard lately!Currently Sean is (when he’s not at his day job) hard at work on his next instrumental cd and he’s putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming guitar tuition book.

I hope that we’ll hear a lot of Sean in the (near) future!

90 %  by Ronny Elst (2003)